cosmik casino

Social poker and fun

Sodapoker is an online poker site that offers fun, great poker games and unique interaction with other poker players. This is in fact the only website that gives poker players free poker chips all year round.
More and more players join the site everyday to play free poker and have lots of fun. You can log in the site with your Facebook account to play free online poker or you can register following some simple steps to play for free. When you register you get 5,000 poker chips to play online poker without spending a cent.
Social poker is the focus in Sodapoker, which means everything has been made to make it simple for you to make new friends. In this site you will find basic poker rules in case you don’t know how to play poker Texas Hold’em. Plus, you can find poker strategies and a thorough poker glossary.
Remember that you can practice for free and for as long as you want. Sodapoker has lots of free poker tables with different gaming levels. This means you will find a table and a poker game that suits you no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced poker player. The more you practice the more you’ll learn and you can also exchange poker strategies with other poker players. Sodapoker invites you to play free poker, make new friends and have lots of fun. Answer yes to this invitations and become a great poker player.
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